Technical Facility Management

On one hand, technical facility management means keeping the devices and installations in continuous working order. It also means ensuring continuous availability of utilities and a number of actions allowing for keeping the working order of the building, the networks and the devices from the moment of their construction and commissioning through service, maintenance and repairs.

On the other hand, it means work and engagement of employees – experienced and qualified specialists – engineers, technicians and service engineers from various fields.

The main activities of technical facility management include:

  • Service, supervision and maintenance of technical installations, such as:
    - Electrical installations and devices
    - HVAC installations and devices
    - Water & sewerage installations and devices
    - Sanitary & hydraulic installations, including heating systems
    - Fire protection installations and devices
    - Close transport installations and devices
    - Access control and monitoring installations and devices
    - Break-in and robbery control installations
    - Tele-technical installations
    - Building Management System – management and surveillance automation systems
  • Performance of regular overhauls of installations and devices, f working order control
  • Elimination of defects and failures
  • Performance of renovations and modernisations
  • Running a Help Desk 24 hours a day

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