Integrated Facility Management

IFM Polska Sp. z o.o. offers full scope of Facility Management services. Our specialists take over facility service already at the moment of commencement of the investment process, satisfy the needs of the client during the period of investment realisation and technical acceptances to the further years of facility operation.

Within the proposed service packages, we offer full technical facility management services, utility service, infrastructural and economic facility management and technical service.

Upon an individual order, we will perform assessment of your facility in terms of::

  • Correctness of running the building in operational terms
  • Effectiveness of the use of utilities
  • Possibilities to implement energetic optimisation processes
  • Technical condition of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Correctness of keeping the Building Log Book in the light of applicable law
Our Facility Management specialists will conduct an audit of your building. We will prepare an individual analysis of needs, recommendations and a concept of Facility Management services tailored to the needs of each facility.

Technical Facility Management

On one hand, technical facility management means keeping the devices and installations in continuous working order. It also means ensuring continuous availability of utilities and a number of actions allowing for keeping the working order of the building, the networks and the devices from the moment of their construction and commissioning through service, maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, it means work and engagement of employees – experienced and qualified specialists – engineers, technicians and service engineers from various fields.

Infrastructural Facility Management

These are the areas of services that entail safety and attractiveness of the facility and that contribute to strengthening of assessment of the image and value of the facility.

Economic Facility Management

The nature of the provided services obliges us to keep full control of the value of the performed processes which are necessary in integrated facility management as well as to accept responsibility for them.

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