Values of our company

Values are the elements that constitute the foundation in realisation of commitments inside the company and within cooperation with the client. We assist our clients and employees in achieving a success.

Initiative and motivation

The task of our management is to encourage all employees for initiative and engagement as well as to ensure constructive cooperation on all levels of the company. On one hand, the requirements of the client are taken into account and on the other hand, respect for and personality of each employee is considered.

Engagement and cooperation in the company

The task of each employee in the company is to create an atmosphere characterised by tolerance and respect.


Regardless of education, age and sex, all employees of Innovative Facility Management Polska Sp. z o.o. are creative and ready for changes and experiments. We promote innovativeness and we care about creativity.

Good service

Due provision of service with maintenance of balance reflecting the interests of all groups connected with the company: clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

In order to keep highs standards of quality of services, we look for employees who know the market, who wish to support our structures in various sectors, who want to reinforce us with their creativity and who want to master their skills among the best industry standards.

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