Innovative Facility Management Sp z o. o.
an innovative provider of Facility Management services

IFM Polska is a Polish company having local management board; the head office of the company is located in Warsaw. We address our services to facility owners and managers on the area of the whole Poland.

In the 21-year history of the Holding, an international strategy which called into existence another target company in Poland was shaped. It happened mainly thanks to analyses and research conducted for the recent years. On the basis thereof we ascertained that Innovative Facility Management Polska may play an important role in Facility Management industry, creating new trends and the best quality on the market not only in Poland.

Innovative Facility Management Polska is a flexible and dynamically developing company offering modern, non-standard and individual solutions to its clients based on in-depth understanding of their needs and financial situation.

Our approach to mutual relations is based on managerial style of project operation and on actively modernised structure. Analysis of condition of the facility is always closely connected with cost analysis and thus we can provide our partners with a real economic comfort.

Our company upholds the principle of transparency and integrity in business. We focus on clients and their needs and this is why persons with experience in a given field always participate in the project management process. Their experience allows us to look at each project both from the point of view of the service provider and of the client.

We try to establish long-term and friendly relations with suppliers and with clients. Facility Management services that we provide on the market are recognised by our clients.

Facility management is not only management of technical functions and infrastructural services but also a number of other services connected with the building, including skilful management of economic indicators and well-judged administration of resources of the building.






Effective collection of the capital of knowledge, experience and methods of solving problems allows us to expand the services provided so far by new economic solutions for facilities.

Satisfaction of the needs of the market, both economic and qualitative requirements, creates the possibility, through which the clients of our company, while selecting us, select effective management of their facility.

The subject of our activity in Poland is the services of complex Facility Management, which means management of technical, infrastructural and economic functions of:

  • industrial facilities
  • logistic facilities
  • office facilities
  • commercial facilities
  • hotel facilities
  • public facilities
  • residential

We realise the services on the basis of experience of our management as well as on the basis of goods FM market practices; therefore, thanks to proper substantial preparation and long-term practical experience, we are ready to meet every challenge and to provide service focused on individual expectations of the clients.

Among the services that we offer, the following ones are particularly important:

  • Management of technical functions of the facility
  • Economic management of the facility
  • Keeping cleanliness of internal and external parts of the facility
  • Property protection
  • Waste management
  • Administration & office services

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